Interview Leidsch Dagblad

In the newspaper of Leiden (Leidsch Dagblad) of January 31 there is an interview with Javed about his book. The heading: 'Niet langer vreemdeling in Nederland' (No longer a stranger in the Netherlands).

Javed says in this interview: "A refugee does not only need documents, but also an environment where he can eat, drink and talk with the people of his new country. Where they can show interest in each other. Otherwise, despite our identity cards, we would still be foreigners now."


Press release /persbericht parochiekern Katwijk

Zondag 27 januari 2019

Persbericht parochiekern H. Joannes de Doper te Katwijk

Gezin Javed Masih presenteert boek in kerk

Onder een klaterend applaus van vele kerkgangers in de parochiekerk van de H. Joannes de Doper nam pastoor Hagen zondag 27 januari aan het einde van de viering het eerste exemplaar aan uit handen van Javed Masih. In dit boek met de pakkende titel ‘No longer strangers?’ beschrijft zijn gezin hun ervaringen als vluchteling in het Katwijkse azc. Na enige dankwoorden zegende Hagen het boek en ontving Javed met zijn gezin uit handen van lector Marten van der Meer ook nog een kleurrijke ‘struik’ als blijk van waardering vanuit de parochiekern. Na afloop van de viering konden parochianen in ‘de kleine JOANNES’ dan ook het verhaal horen over de achtergronden van dit gezin en hun boek.

Hoe is het om je familie en je baan in de steek te moeten laten om in een ander land een nieuwe, onzekere toekomst te beginnen? Hoe kun je als christen dan het verschil maken? En welke moeilijkheden maken asielzoekers door en hoe kunnen kerken en organisaties hen hierin helpen? Dat is allemaal te lezen in dit boek.

Waarom dit boek?

Javed Masih zette zich in Pakistan jarenlang in als pastoraal- en sociaal werker. Samen met zijn vrouw Nasreen deed hij in zijn thuisland ook vrijwilligerswerk, bijvoorbeeld in kampen voor vluchtelingen en slachtoffers van natuurrampen. Toen het gezin in het azc in Katwijk kwam wonen, sloten ze zich aan bij de parochiekern van de H. Joannes de Doper. Ook namen ze deel aan activiteiten die de Interkerkelijke Werkgroep Asielzoekerscentrum Katwijk (IWAK) organiseerde. Het is de ervaring van het gezin dat veel kerken, vrijwilligers en maatschappelijk werkers vluchtelingen willen helpen, maar dat ze soms niet precies weten wat ze kunnen doen. Met dit boek wil het gezin daar meer inzicht in geven. Dat maakt het een 'must-read' voor iedereen die werkelijk met vluchtelingen bewogen is, hen wil begrijpen en hen bij wil staan. Pastoor Hagen van de parochie van de H. Augustinus, waar de parochiekern in Katwijk toe behoort, heeft voorin dit boek zijn persoonlijke aanbeveling laten vastleggen.

Boek te koop?

Het boek is te koop via Amazon. Ook kunt u het rechtstreeks bestellen via de Facebookpagina van het gezin: Het boek is (nu nog) alleen in het Engels verkrijgbaar. Wellicht dat het in 2019 ook in het Nederlands wordt vertaald.


About Javed Masih

Javed Masih is originally from Pakistan where he worked in pastoral, educational and social work. In 2014 he and his family were forced to seek asylum in the Netherlands, where they now live and minister. He has three Masters degrees and this is his third book.


‘The story gives an inside perspective on the asylum process and also how those outside of the system can get involved and make a difference. The story is a must-read for anyone who has questions about the asylum system or who knows someone in it.’
Paul Sydnor, Europe Regional Leader, IAFR, RHP Network Leader

‘The Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:12 that “everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted”. We see this once again proven in the life of Javed and his family. What a testimony they provide in the way they persevered through the asylum procedure.’
Maarten Dees, President of Open Doors International, Netherlands

 ‘How good is it that Javed gives us an insight into the life of a Pakistani Christian who arrives as a refugee in the Netherlands with his family … Heartily recommended.’
Joël Voordewind, Member of Parlement - ChristenUnie


 ‘This book … is not only engaging, but also powerful and very personal. I work with refugees in Italy and understandfirsthand some of the trials these folks face on a daily basis. For all who are called to serve and share the gospel with refugees, this book is a must-read, and gives a rare and profound inside perspective of the refugee world in Europe.’
Leonard Xerri, Missionary, Avant Ministries

‘What makes this book special in my eyes is that Javed, Nasreen, Nimra and Aroon kept looking for hope in whatever situation they were in, regardless of how they felt. They tried to look at every situation with God’s eyes. They were always looking for God’s guidance and for opportunities to build bridges, to use their talents and to give love to the people they met.’
Diana Baan, Fieldworker, Stichting Gave

‘Once a family arrives in the Netherlands to seek asylum, there is still a long road ahead. The experiences in this book give us a glimpse into all the emotions and practical issues that refugees have to deal with every day. From the smallest things that we all take for granted, like finding a Wi-Fi spot, to the daily challenges of finding Bed, Bath and Bread.’
Fr Sjaak de Boer, Mill Hill, Pastor of the RC Church ofOur Saviour

‘In Javed's story, we see an inspiring example of steadfast faith in a God who can be trusted. Time and time again, facing challenging circumstances, Javed put his trust in the promises
in God’s word, and with prayer and thanksgiving made his needs known to his heavenly Father.’
Revd Ruan Crew, Chaplain, St James Voorschoten; Area Dean of the Netherlands, Diocese in Europe

‘This book is a fascinating, beautiful and moving report of their journey. The refugee in our midst lives so close and yet in a different world.’
Fr Michel Hagen, Parish Priest, H. Augustinus (Katwijk)

‘A “must-read” for anyone who is genuinely involved with refugees, who wants to understand them and wants to stand by them. I hope that many people will read this book. In particular, I hope that church congregations will take the content of this book to heart in order to understand their calling to “the stranger at our gate”. Highly recommended!’
Rev C H Hogendoorn, Reformed Church Katwijk aan Zee

‘This book clearly shows on which points the COA, the IND and the Repatriation & Departure Service could humanise their working methods with a few simple measures, because despite the many good things they do, very poignant aspects are revealed, of which I am deeply ashamed as a Dutchman! I heartily recommend this book to you to gain some insight into the circumstances that so many refugees face daily.’
Hans van Delft, Chairman IWAK in Katwijk aan Zee

 ‘This book is a must for anyone who wants to know more about what it means to be an asylum seeker and the hardships that entails. … The power of the book is a simple testimony not to be overcome by this, but to see the good in every situation.’
Rev Piet Vroegindeweij, Reformed Church, Lexmond

‘Faith and good will help to overcome even the deepest crisis – that is the message that this book gives us all.’
Rev R H M de Jonge, Reformed Church